Soft Starter

FCMA means Flux Compensating Magnetic Amplifier. In case of motor driven pumps, while starting, the motor normally takes 6 or 7 times full load current when started Directly on Line (DOL). Such high values of current have following implications.

 * Weakening of insulation and affecting motor life adversely.

 * Sudden jerks on incoming line, resulting into large voltage dips, which affect the other sensitive equipment operating on the same line.

 * High size of transformer / Generator, as a backup supply system.

 * Large jerks on the pumps and associated piping etc.

To eliminate these harmful effects, Soft Starters are used which reduce the starting current considerably and allow the motor to accelerate gradually.

The Soft starters provide gradual increase in voltage up to rated voltage ensuring even acceleration.

Benefits of Soft Starters

* Smooth starting by gradual acceleration of the drive system, thus preventing jerks and extending life of system components.

* Reduction in starting current preventing mechanical, electrical & thermal weakening of electrical equipment such as motors, cables, transformers and switchgears.

* Enhancement of motor starting duty by reducing temperature rise in stator winding and supply transformer, (subject to thermal curves).

* Increase in Circuit breaker as well as contactor life.

To summarize, Soft Starters can optimize the starting performance of motors and motor manufacture can concentrate on improving running performance to ensure lower life cycle costing.