Power Distribution / Switch Board

Sub Switch Board Type: Freestanding cubicle compartmentalized – Form 4

Sheet Steel: 16 SWG / 1.6 mm CRCA for enclosure outer shell & 14 SWG / 2.0 mm CRCA for panel doors

Surface finish: Pretreated 7-tank process Powder coated or spray painted – polyurethane

Bus bar supports: SMC/DMC insulators

Partition: 3.2 mm FRP sheet

Shrouding: 1.6 mm FRP sheet

Incomer: Up to 800 A, TPN, Fuse switch unit or MCCB– 35 kA

Outgoing: As per customer requirement – Fuse switch unit or MCCB -25 kA


* Medium and large industrial sites: Textile, Tea, Tyre, Rubber, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Industry, Metal processing, etc.

* Medium / large commercial and building areas: Shopping malls, Hotels, etc.

* Infrastructures: Water treatment, Airport/ Harbors, local electrical distribution, etc.