Impact Flow Weigher

HITEC Impact Flow Weigher achieves continuous mass flow measurement in mechanical conveying systems without interrupting the flow of material. It is designed to measure the mass flow rate and total mass of free-flowing particulate materials.

Impact weighers are ideal for applications in vertical flow streams where weigh feeders or conveyor scales will not fit or cannot be applied.


* Unique design allows installation even in the most difficult process environment

* Build-up on the sensing plate cannot influence the zero point

* Operates with high reliability and low maintenance

* Sensor allows overload without damage to the system

* Sensor is located in a dust-tight enclosure external to the process stream

* Operates accurately in pulsating or surging flows

* Capable of accurately measuring very low flows

* Compact designfits easily into areas with limited room

* Easy to install flange - to - flange fitting

* Easily retrofitted to existing conveying, batching or delivery systems