Semi Automatic Weighing and Bagging

Semi Automatic Weighing and Bagging machine can be well Suited for a wide range of agricultural & industrial products.

Special Features:

* Weighing range from 5 – 100 kgs

* Also available with Vibro Feeder for accurate measurement of semi free flowing and sticky materials such as     Organic manure

*   Typical output of 60 to 150 bags per hour depending on product

*   Modular construction to customer requirement

*   With quick detachable accessories – pneumatically operated bag clamps

*   Essential parts in stainless steel for food grade products

*  PVC belt conveyor / slat conveyor with 0.5 HP geared motor with adjustable speed to match with the

    Weighing & Bagging System

*   Stitching Machine – Double stitching with automatic wire cutting