Control Panel / PLC Automation

* Provide solution for any automatic sequencing required by a client

* Provide Optimum Control Design with control diagram

* Translate it into hardware using either Conventional Logic Control  Component,

* Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Variable Speed Drives (VSD) (AC / DC)

* Build turnkey Control Panel in any kind of factory

* Solve inveterate Problems in your current automation System by introducing the optimum and satisfactory modification

* Consultative in Control systems Design and Solutions in many fields

* Modifying your current control system to match your new requirement.

* Provide the Technical Support from the design to troubleshooting  from through the phone to your site visiting.

* Provide training courses to certain number of your engineers and/ or Technicians on the new system.

* High Breaking Capacity

* Fault Indication Feature

* Economic in initial cost

* Protection against Single Phasing

* No replacement of HRC Fuses

* More reliability

* No running Cost